Press Release: IBM Watson Distinguished Engineer Joins Zintera

Cognitive Revolution

We believe the human mind is misunderstood. Our intrinsic model learns from the human mind and adapts to its environment rather than calculating around it. We exist to challenge the status quo by ushering in and co-creating a better world with cognitive enabled technology.


Our Technology

Zintera is pioneering bio-inspired breakthroughs with our cognitive enabling technology platform. Our revolutionary advancements come from a unique understanding of modern applied cognitive science with a fusion of biological and behavioral systems. We then layer in insights derived from educational psychology, human factors and information science to teach our system the same way that humans actually learn,: not through programming, but through context and observation. 

We produce a disruptive challenge to the status quo, and we draw healthy skepticism from the so-called industry experts. The truth is Zintera’s cognitive model delivers results that are nothing short of amazing.

Zintera’s platform enables multimodal cognitive learning in unstructured text, image, video, audio, and all types of smartly powered ‘big' and 'little’ data applications. Our core technology features accelerated self-learning, automatic image classification and concept associations, adaptive feedback loops, and contextually relevant correlations.

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Cognitive Evolution

Our Lab & Science

Zintera created ZinLabs to advance our core technologies and provide an environment to foster scientific creativity while commercializing the science behind our biologically inspired theories. ZinLabs is guided by experts in both cognition and perception with a passion for changing the world. Our applied lab is staffed with PhDs and practitioners with advanced graduate degrees who have studied Robotics, Neuroscience, Physics, Computer Science and Human Factors at world-class research institutions like Stanford, UCSD and Virginia Tech. 

At the heart of our groundbreaking science is a complex multilayered neuron modeled from the mammalian brain and a sophisticated synaptic network derived from the most intelligent system on the planet: the human mind. The force behind Zintera’s scientific research is Dr. Hans Geiger, the world’s foremost expert in biologically inspired cognitive models.

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Better. Faster. Stronger.

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Minds Behind the Cognitive Brain

Our People

Zintera's leadership team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, technologists, business executives, industry influencers and heavy hitting thought leaders.

Our team is determined to make a bold and lasting difference in the world with our technology. Guiding us is a shared, symbiotic rhythm that shapes our culture, cultivates respect and drives our performance goals. We inspire each other through innovation, challenged thinking and autonomous creativity. 

Our executive team is now introducing our technology into a market screaming for behavioral based learning systems. We aim to change how customers approach and handle information at every level of the organization while tailoring it for individual task needs. And, critically, our cognitive platform learns and adapts to customers’ behavior and information-use patterns, demonstrating plasticity like the human brain itself.

Our artificial brain is going to change the world. Rome wasn't built in a day, but our platform could learn its centuries of written knowledge in less than 24 hours. With just one little laptop. Want to learn more about the revolution? Go ahead, pull the pin...

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